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Thanks for visiting Mailart 365. This site is an archive of mailart produced by artists doing mailart 365 from December 2010 to August 2016. As of July 2016, we moved to a new and more modern site at Come on over and check us out there


What is mailart365?

Mailart 365 - what is it? Mailart is a term which describes a piece of artwork made with the intention of sending it somewhere in the post. 365 is the number of days in a year.

Mailart 365 is a year-long project starting on December 1st, 2010, to make and send a piece of art in the post every day for a year. Artists attempt to make and send 365 pieces in the post, to whoever they please.

All the artists will post up their efforts right here on mailart365.


What a fabulous idea! I would love to participate, but cannot commit to this just now.....would you consider facilitating another year of this, even if you yourself don't totally participate? Here's hoping I can join you in year 2 of Mailart 365! Until then, I just enjoy the inspiration of everyone else's work.
freshwater from

Hi Freshwater - thanks for dropping by and asking. Great to see you on our site, we've talked on postcrossing before I believe.

Yes, I expect that mailart365 will be running for a lot longer than 365 days - Lots of late starters and the community that has built up is far too much fun!

It's great to hear that you want to get involved in mailart. In the meantime, why not just get yourself over to IUOMA and start playing anyway. Lots of mailart fun to be had without having to dive straight into the 365!

Your link to IUOMA doesn't work. This does.

I'm looking for a mailart26 or 12 - I'd like to find a mate to exchange handmade postcards with periodically - at least 1/month for a year. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Nice concept.

I can see that this is going to take serious determination! Long day yesterday and all in my family in bed, but I took the handmade paper with onion skin and nasturtium petals I made earlier in the week figuring out stuff for work in two schools and thought about stuff, waste and our footprint. I sent this to my mum who is also a mail artist and accumulates stuff too.

Great Project!

Check out this upcoming mail art exhibition!

Postmarked 2012 is a mail art exhibition and silent auction fundraiser in Los Angeles.This is a large show benefiting a prison library project which sends books and educational resources to inmates nationwide.

Send entries to:
Postmarked 2012
Prison Library Project
112 Harvard, #303
Claremont, CA 91711

Read more at:

Hey Rachel, I really like the sound of that one! I'll take a look and see what I can send

This is part test and part question:
the test is to see if this shows up in the right-hand column under "Recent Comments" (yes, newbie here... :b ) and the question is, how do I get listed among the artists and then, are there directions where I can set up my own photo album, or the equivalent? Thanks all! So delighted to be here. Jane D, CZT, Providence, RI, USA

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