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Thanks for visiting Mailart 365. This site is an archive of mailart produced by artists doing mailart 365 from December 2010 to August 2016. As of July 2016, we moved to a new and more modern site at Come on over and check us out there


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On December 1st, 2010 mailart 365 began. What is Mailrt 365? The "Mailart" part is simply a term meaning any artwork that you can produce that you send through the post. The 365 part means that we'll do this every day (or as close as possible) for a whole year.


Want to make mailart? Making it anyway? Join up and lets share the whole experience with the world! Although the official start date was December 1st, 2010 the door will be open for anyone who wants to join any time. Set your own start date and jump right in!

If you want to get involved, just enter your email address (and website and a message if you want to) below and I'll email you back with details of how to join!



Sent out my very first piece of Mail Art yesterday, Dec. 1, my 57th birthday! What fun!

Been making mail art for quite a while and have been delighted to see how many other people are interested in it. Add your badge to my blog.

Love this idea! I just thought i'd let you know (if you didn't already) that I've added your blog link to my blogfeed of 365's for everyone to see.

Hope that's OK. Let me know if it isn't and i'll remove it!

Cheers, Sarah

Open to creative types & lovers of snail mail:

Call for Entries – July / August 2012 – Theme: Invention

Send to Superb Snail Mail
Cressona, PA

(size limit 11″x5.5″)
Other details:

i'd love to swap dolls,antique, postcards,mail arts,nude or enveloped postcards,stamps anything fabric related,,bday:nov 05
Postal address:
Priyanka rao,
tripurasundari nilaya,
shivapura,maddur 571429,

We are taking submissions for our first mail art show at Gradoux Gallery in New Orleans LA. All art sent will be displayed in our gallery and website. All themes and mediums are welcome (no email submissions). If you would like photos of the show please let us know in your submission or by Email
Please send all submissions to:

Gradoux Gallery

1731 Elysian Fields Apt A

New Orleans LA


Please Support by FWD this Event.

It will be an honor to have your participation on such event.
The main ideas of this mailart event call are: first, to provide artists the opportunity to show their work at Portugal and secondly to spread the concepts of mailart to other people by means of the exhibition and the workshop that will be held at the same place at the opening.

The exhibition will be complemented with a small workshop. At that workshop, artwork will be created and mailed to all the exhibition participants.

Additional information about the artist and own work may be mailed to or by traditional snail mail. This information is important in order to create documentation for the exhibitions audience. A Press Release of the present event and of the exhibitions at Portugal will be posted soon.

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