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Mailart 365 - The participants so far

10 days to go til the start of Mailart 365, a year long celebration of mailart and already we have a number of great artists artists and a few new faces signed up to take part. I thought I'd write a quick post to introduce some artists that I know.

Right Beside the River

Postmuse is a prolific postal correspondent and runs the wonderful Orphaned Postcard Project. You'll find Postmuse whereever you find postal people but despite the volume of her output, Postmuse never loses the personal touch. I personally love receiving post from her.


Elena is a much less prolific mailartist, who sends from time to time. She's taken up quilling recently, and wants to let the world know about it through mailart 365. The pieces she makes will be quite unlike any other that you see on the site.

Rejin Leys is a mixed media artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Her art is very distinctive and a pleasure to receive. I'm really excited to be working with Rejin again, as we have both contributed to a month long mailart project in the past and her work on that was really outstanding.


Mim is one to watch. Based in Richmond, Mim has been involved in mailart for a while. When I started talking about lecturing in mailart, Mim gave me the confidence to do so, and she has sent some awesome collages to my REAL wall in the past. Mim will no doubt be full of surprises.

An introduction from L-plate big cheese (photographer on assignment)

Perhaps the most mysterious addition to the mailart 365 project for me is L-plate Big Cheese. An economist by training and photographer on the side, L-plate is brand new to mailart. Although she's sent postcards to my REAL wall in the past, I'm intrigued to see what she makes for a year. She's never disappointed in the past, so I'm sure that she'll be great.

Received from Boo Cartledge, mail artist - 23rd May, 2009

Boo Cartledge is a thrilling mailartist to watch. In 2003, Boo wrote a book. Currently, she's ripping it to shreds and making it into mailart. Check out the progress of the deconstruction at her blog and no doubt you may see a piece or two right here shortly.

Katerina Nikoltsou is one of the most active mailartists on the scene at the moment. This Greek mailartist was also responsible for the 2009 Sketbe mailart show in Thessaloniki, which was a really well curated show, featuring just about everyone in the mailart world.

Want to take part? It still not too late! Just send me an email and tell me a bit about yourself!

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