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#365 The End... of the beginning

Here is the Grand Finale of MailArt 365!

It is my very first amigurumi crochet heart, suspended in a bottle, with some chocolates, and mailed to my son.

On December 8, 2010, I mailed number 1 ("I HAD SHOES") to my daughter. That is 1531 days ago. Which means one mailing every 4.2 days (more or less). Which, for me, isn't bad. Considering work, doldrums, procrastination, vague loss of motivations, clutter, and storms, that isn't too bad at all.

So, the circle is complete. (My kids have been frequent recipients of other items in the 365 lineage,  with good spirits and much laughter and fol-de-rol.)

Here are the pictures.

Oh yes. I joined the 5089 group. Whatever that's about. I like the nifty logo.

Aloha from EARTH.

What's next? More mailart!! Maybe another 4 year 365. I'm thinking of Mail heART 365, all hearts. But then, I'm not known for consistency. Stay tuned. Watch. And see.

Congratulations - that's an amazing piece & even more amazing that it went through the post!

And congratulations from me too! Great feeling isn't it? And I like the idea of mailHeart- go for it, why not?

I love this piece. Have no idea how you done it :-) Congratulations on your 365 Sue.

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