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53 Recycled

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After my drawing class this week I just wanted to get myself back collaging. It's an art form I feel comfortable with.

The stamps came from a brilliant post crossing I received a while back from holland. The piece was made of cardboard and had 6 sudokus on it and a load of NL stamps.

In order to register the card I had to solve all 6 sudokus.

It took me aaaaaaaaages.


I love that you had to work to register the card! And you are a collage master. Don't worry about the drawing ... it will come in its time if its time is to come. I think you should continue taking the classes just for the experience of being an art student, though. I would love to be an art student.

Yeah it was a superb postcrossing and made more fun by the fact that there was no indication that it was one, just a load of 2c stamps with NL on them as a MASSIVE hint! After about 40 days of me failing to complete the sudoku (I'm a bit slow at them) the sender finally gave in and messaged me, dying to find out if I'd received it!

It was such a relief to find out it really was a postcrossing.


I just remembered - the sender actually had so many NL stamps on there, he made the letters NL out of stamps too, just in case I missed the hint. It really was brilliant!

1- how cool an idea is THAT! having to solve sudokus to be able to register...just briliant!
2- brave Sender! I'd be afraid the card would end up with someone that either wouldn't bother or wouldn't be able to solve them LOL
3- great recycle collage, it turned out really well!

it reminds me of a hamster ball. ha!

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