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50 front

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I just wanted to make the address side a little more exciting before I sent it off and got a little carried away. Not another number, I couldn't bring myself to count another one as 2, despite being nearly 10 numbers behind


what is the story behind the "warning! bears!" note? I am intrigued...

A good question Crisispanty - I felt that the whole piece had a very arctic feeling to it (the icicle pic of me in Norway in 2009 was taken in the Arctic Circle) and I was feeling the grip of the snow. It was a lovely piece to make as I just let the feeling carry me, and I had a polar bear on a piece of tracing paper leftover from an earlier piece. That yellow piece is actually a miniature card, so you can open it, and inside you will find the polar bear, looking awfully scary!

Brilliant! (I have a thing for mailart windows you know!)

I love opening things on mailart too! The thing that didn't come across on this piece was the "feeliness" of it all. The frills around the icicle shot aren't stuck down so you can feel them. It's all very cool to touch!

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