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#1 - Frosty Regrets

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While punching a gazillion snowflakes for an idea that won't be part of MailArt365, I had "Eureka!" moment. The leftover bits from the snowflake punches would make a great background for one of the ephemera bits I had put aside for MailArt365. I glued all the pieces in place and I'm quite pleased with the feel. The paper is textured ... I used textured paint samples from a local hardware store for the snowflakes.

Now I have a nice background for my Mulling Spice bag. This was all last week, so I didn't glue the bag in place, just put the pieces together and put them back in my box to pull out and finish for 1/365.

I couldn't get the idea of a melted snowman out of my head, so I went with it. The finished postcard has lots of dimensional bits, so I couldn't use my scanner (it's old and hates mailart) and I am lousy at taking close-up photos. Maybe that will change over the next year since I suspect I'll have to use more photos when the scanner gets fussy.

I actually made the card last night because it needed to dry overnight so I could get a hand cancel this morning at the post office. I want this card to have the 1 December date, and if I put it in my mailbox, it will more likely not get postmarked until tomorrow. I live rather rural.

I like the actual card, but it is a bit more delicate than my usual collage. It will be interesting to see how it travels. I send all my postcards just as they are, no envelopes.

It will be going to a special recipient, but I won't say in case that recipient is reading the blog.

I like your idea of using the parts left-over, thus NO left over parts. This looks quite dimensional. It'll be interesting for us to know how well it travels through the postal systems.

Hehe! The special recipient was me! Thanks so much Postmuse I was so surprised and pleased to get your #1! I'm putting it up on my REAL wall right now. Elena REALLY loves this and is going to add it to her favourites wall. That's another Postmuse piece on her favourites wall.

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