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1 December 2010 from Greece

It is already December 1, 2010 in Greece and mail pick-up will be in about 8 hours. The first mail art 1/365 is in the mailbox and of course, it is being sent to Andy! Best of success, Andy, with this great project!
All the best,


Brilliant brilliant brilliant! I'm the first on the list! I am so pleased, thanks Katerina!

To everyone - Katerina is posting up as me, so it's not me sending to myself!

I second that comment: success Andy, and thanks for the opportunity. On my own, I wouldn't have tackled a 365.

On my own i don't think i would be able to create something everyday for 1 year,
so with that sad i want to thank you Andy for this wonderful opportunity and for
everyone else for the support. My first piece also went to Andy.

Katrina Lovely piece. I love the colors.

I never would have tackled such an endeavor on my own, either. I'm thrilled to be in such wonderful company for this project.

I really like this card .... so many ideas come to mind when I look at it ... Atlantis rising from the sea in particular. I think I"m influenced by Katerina's location :-)

Andy is really proud with this project (don't tell him I told you :-D ) specially because it brought together so many great artists in this community and inspire people to create more.

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