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015 - Usagi : Chanoyu

Elena didn't want me to illustrate this one. It's going to our solicitor. We've had such poor experiences with people in the legal profession that we have pretty much decided that the whole profession lacks any humanity. She sees this as not just throwing away good ink, but as giving part of my soul away to the undeserving.

Personally, I see it a different way. I think that these people have probably grown up deprived of art and warmth and hence they amuse themselves by generally being horrible to people. I view the act of sending art to people who don't have the milk of human kindness, such as lawyers, credit card companies and the like as an act of charity, and one which can only help bring peace to the world.


Ah I can see both sides of this, but as a liberal-minded, soft-hearted optimist, I'm with you all the way on this one Andy.

I like, and greatly admire, your thinking Andy!

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