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365/365.2 bird thinks quietly

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Made it! That's me done for the time being. Great fun along the way and great company here.

Congratulations Stripeygoose! An excellent set of birds. It's been a fun ride. Looking forward to seeing this lot in the flesh/feathers

Brava! What a terrific one to end with. Breathe deeply and be proud of yourself!

I'm still seeing birds wherever I look! Thank you Rachel, Andy and. Mim - you all played a part in getting me to 365!

Wonderful to see you have finished 2 x 365's. Still love your birds - will be converting one in fabric soon!

Hello Chris and thanks for your message. A textile version of a stripygoose bird sounds terrific. I'm intrigued!

I've posted all 365 bird postcards on Saturday May 14th 2016 International Migratory Bird Day. I'm going to track their arrival on here as well as here:

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