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#227 and BEYOND

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Hello World!
Whew! I lost my job. Moved. Packed the garage full of stuff. Emptied the garage enough to get cars in before it snows. Got a part time job. Surviving in the 47%. So.... no mail art since before the deluge. But Boo and Mim sent me some things, and woke me up. Hey, I gotta do something creative again. Here goes. I will catch up on numbering. In that entire miasma, I lost my database. Lost, as in, left it somewhere on a computer I don't have. I am living without a database listing of my mailings. AAAaaahhhh. Will I be OK? Yikes, life without a database. It's like being in the boat without a boat. OK. I am going to come to grips with living this less-structured life. Throw things into the mail without totally recording the crap out of everything. Aloha, let's surf!

Looks like my last post, back in ??? was #222. So,
#223 was mailing a stuffed dog to my son, naked mail. We colored on it.
#224 was mailing a crafty pod pocket to my daughter, naked mail. We collaged it inside and out.
(NOTE: The 'we' here is me and my after school kids who are ages 5-10. They think this is crazy.)
There may have been others, but memory is like a lacy doily, with many lovely holes in it. As I age, my memory gets more and more beautiful...

#225, 226, and 227 are pictured here. And I'm back in the saddle. I hope.

The little strips on the top envelopes are chocolates. I think they look like fireworks! :-)
Mim and Boo, Thanks for the WAKE UP CALL!

I will continue from #228.

You are SO welcome. Sorry about all of your life-changes (euphemism time) but glad you are getting back to Mail Art. It's restorative. Like the way you used those fancy chocolates. They definitely look sparkly. See you in the mail!

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