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#328 5 emotions: anticipation

You might notice that I am posting more than card at the moment... I began my 365 on the 28th of September and have pretty much been making one per day.  There have been a few times when it was just impossible.  I also think I forgot to post some stuff before I mailed it so suspect that missing mail may be just extra mail...  I have kept track, but sometimes it has just been too hectic. Anyway, I realise that I have have a few outstanding cards so am trying to 'catch up'.

In most important business, I want to send Mim's wonderful, treasured, mailart 365 stamp on to another lucky mail artist.  Please let me know if you want to have it.  I will pick a name out of a hat or somesuch on the September 28th and may send it on to you! message me on IUOMA if you are interested!

Oh what a fab idea! I already have one as I have met Mim twice, but I reckon Stripygoose would be a great successor if I were to vote

Glad to hear someone else is playing catch-up but it's all part of the game - and yes yes yes please I'd love to be in the hat for mim's mailart 365 stamp - what a lovely idea and generous gesture :>)

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