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#18 L-plate - Are long gloves sexy?


Mailart, originally uploaded by L-plate big cheese.
I have a friend who works as a nurse. Whilst out drinking with friends in a nice English beer garden he told us his take on why we think it's posh for women to wear long gloves.
The European upper classes, particularly in the 18th and 19th centuries, were very promiscuous. This resulted in the rapid spread of syphilis. At the time there was no well-known cure for it and so these people were covered in a blotchy skin rash, which they would cover by wearing long gloves. Looking on these rather fetching gloves from the sidelines, the lower classes of course followed the fashion and ended up wearing the long gloves on special occasions. No doubt some of them also had to cover the same problem though, I’m guessing.
So there we are, looking good on those posh nights out never really held the same level of romance for me after finding that out...
There’s another part to this story to come later on - another side-effect of syphilis which is perceived as a sign of “good breeding” but will make you see things in a different way.

Oh yes, can't wait for the second installment.

Welcome back big cheese!!

Well they are glamorous.....

The cup of tea is a little clue to the next one! :)

Yes - the glamour factor is tops, a look which can't be beat. I was kinda sad when I found out about the dark side, is there anything in life which is perfect?

Interesting waiting for the rest of the story!

i like my women in helmets and knee pads. ;-)

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