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50-365 found objects disquished???

It's amazing how much stuff one can find on the ground when one takes two trains to get to a major shopping mall.
I considered all of these things positive fodder when I picked them up but it wasn't until I got home that I realized that this adhesive fake moustache and eyebrows is neither disguised nor distinguished! I thought that spell checkers had made the Engrish mistakes at Chinese factories a thing of the past. Alas, no.
After Andy talked on his blog about finding money I decided that I would include the 5 cent piece that was sitting on the seat when I got back on the train. It's one of my favorite Aussie coins because it's an echidna wrapped around the number 5. Too cute.

Hahahahaha! Disguished! That's great!

Disguished arrived yesterday! Now on my REAL wall

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