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29/365 - St Aldates Church reimagined

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29/365 - St Aldates Church reimagined

Continuing my labels and reality series, I have started to try to experiment with the idea of introducing something that's not actually underneath the label on the label.

In this case, I begun with a photo of St Aldates church in Oxford that I had left over from my twitter #mailart series.

I wanted to get rid of the car and the trees on either side, so decided to go freehand with this rather than trace it. The trees on either side went, and I was left with a lot of space which I decided to go to town with and let my creative beast out the box!

The end result was significantly different from the original. The difference really came through in the colour. I was pretty nervous colouring at first, but Elena recently bought some great Derwent colouring pencils, that are a joy to use. Quality pencils make all the difference I tell you! I'm so used to using rubbish that I got used to feeling that colouring was a chore, but these things are great. Never again will I buy the cheapest colours in the shop "cos you get loads more for your money"!

The flower patterns were adapted from our patterns book, which is called something like "The crafters bible: floral designs" which is a tome of simple but effective outline designs for crafting

Boy Andy, your evolution with this label thing is happening pretty rapidly. It's really fun to watch you figure it out.
Have I told you lately how much love this project? I FREAKING love this project, thanks again so much for putting it all together.

This is such a good piece. One of my favourites of Andy's. I was really jealous of how good his piece is when I first saw it.

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