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#31 - How Fast

A year ago today, I was getting ready to get on an airplane to head up first to Boston, and then by car to a mountain in Maine. There was a snow storm coming in and we had to be in Maine by 2 January 2010, my daughter's wedding day. We made it, and it was wonderful.

My daughter got married on skis. It was the wedding she dreamed about since she was a little girl. She skied down the mountain with her dad, met her fiance and guests at the bottom where we had an outdoor ceremony, in the snow. Later we all gathered for a lovely dinner in the ski lodge. It was a small wedding and quite beautiful. My other daughter got married in a big fairytale wedding a few years earlier. And that was quite beautiful, too. I've had the best of both worlds.

As much as I love sending mail, I find sending out birthday and anniversary cards very difficult. Even letters to my family are harder for me to write than to complete strangers. This year I resolve to end that and this card, which is going to Melanie and Nick for their first anniversary, is the first step toward that resolve. I will send a card to recognize every celebration in my family, and I will write to my family, just out-of-the-blue letters.

What a neat story wedding! I enjoyed reading that.

Thank you, Mim! The photographer, Spring Smith is quite a creative person. And my daughter is very organized, so planning such a wedding (she made her own cake ... cupcakes actually!) was right up her alley.

What a lovely story Postmuse. Elena just took to the slope for her first ever time about 2 days ago. She was a natural. We're getting married in 2011 too, but I can't imagine it being on skiis

But what is the answer to the flying cork question?? :^)

Lovely wedding story, and admirable resolution. I noticed that about myself this past year, too, and sent a few pieces of mail art to family, but not nearly enough.

They are some good points Tricia. I reckon that the answer is 50 miles an hour personally. Did you have the answer Postmuse or just the question?

I rarely send mailart to family myself. I find that my family don't appreciate it really, but my friends do, as they keep a closer eye on my hobbies

The answer is c. 50 miles per hour.

My family seems to enjoy my handmade cards. So far I've sent three of the 365 to family members ... one to a sister, one to my granddaughter and now one to my daughter. Everyone in my family will eventually get one of the 365.

I think it's a brilliant idea to send to family. As we discussed earlier in
our themes discussion, sometimes it is more rewarding to send outside of the
mailart faithful as the reward is quite different. I may have to pencil in
some family members. Heck I've got 365 pieces, i'm sure I can afford to send
a few to my own family

Very interesting...the wedding story, the mailart to families...

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