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Looks like Australia goes first

Thanks to an amazing thunderstorm, I awoke early this morning, ate a bowl of cereal then cut up the box and made mailart #1/365! Now I'm going to go out and post it to who else.....Andy. Have a great first day everyone!!

Haha! So cheeky JJ. The first shot has been fired then, 12 hours early by your time, but nobody will hold it against you! That's made me smile :-)

Fun first card! I'm going to be haunting this blog tomorrow to see all the first cards. This is so exciting!

Doh - my mistake - of course you are in Australia and 12 hours EARLY. Silly me!

Congrats on getting the first post in, Me and Elena are busily making our first pieces now. What a great first post by the way!

Aussies and Kiwis always get to do everything first :-)

I can't wait! There are now 20 people signed up - I had no idea this would prove to be so popular!

By the way Postmuse, Elena LOVES your card...:-)

How very cool! I was so happily excited to see that we've started! I had no idea JJ that you were in Australia. I've got 5 hours and 40 min. to go.

It's 2am so I'm just putting the finishing touches off to my first piece in the UK. Elena on the other hand is asleep having finished hers earlier and scheduled it like a sensible person.

Lucky you JJ to be the first one. I cant wait to see this funny piece coming in our mailbox.

Wow - looking at this makes me remember Home and Away with all its surf shack charms :)

It's arrived! Now going up on my REAL wall. So honoured to have #1/365 it is such a perfect piece for the first post on the blog

Hey JJ, this postcard is now on my PechaKucha

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