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First, I Clean

This is my art room, which is one corner of a room that my significant other and I share. He has an office of sorts on the other side. At the moment, my corner is a mess, so I got up early this morning and started to clean. I do this about 4 times a year, and it usually stays pretty organized for a month or so, and then things get out of control.

All the stuff in the photo on the right was crowding my little black chair. It is about a year's worth of ephemera I need to sort into categories and/or colors. I do enjoy doing this, but I tend to get distracted by bits of paper and decide I need to use it that very minute, so I rarely ever finish sorting it all. This morning is different.

I have sorted all of it. Every last bit. And though the photo to the left looks like chaos, it makes sense to me. I have labeled storage in my art room for every bit of this ephemera. Well, actually, I don't. I have a pile of stuff that I know I won't use and I will just put in a bag and probably eventually throw away. I just can't throw it away at the moment because something might be useful. This way lies madness.

And my next project, after putting all the sorted chaos away, is to tackle my desk. It gets like this all the time, but only takes me a few minutes to clean up. I need to focus on keeping the desk clean because it will be impossible to do a handmade card every day if the desk looks like this.

Tomorrow card 1/365 will leave my house. And I am looking forward to creating one handmade card every day for the next year, and documenting here, and in a small journal that I will keep throughout the process. This will be fun! Thank you, Andy!

So you've decided to send it every day in the end then Postmuse? I was so looking forward to 30th November 2011 as well...

Elenas card arrived this morning by the way. She'll be over the moon to see you writing to her, but with her pending involvement in mailart 365 she'll be seeing a whole lot more post this year I suspect

I love the way your room looks, seriously. Because it has a resemblance to mine.

I've just noticed the spice rack in the corner there Postmuse. Is that for glitter I presume? It's a really good idea to have those little potted nick nacks in pots in a rack

I go back and forth on sending every day. I always planned to send the first one right away, but I still haven't firmly decided to send the other 364 the day they are created. I know I will make one card every day, and it will have a recipient and message as soon as it is made, just not sure if I want to actually send it until the project ends. Partly it is because I want to see if my technique improves as I go along and I develop an actual style. That isn't always easy to see when the cards are not all together. Maybe it is something I'll feel. I don't know. I don't ever consider my handmade cards art. Not sure if that will change.

The spice rack holds mostly dimensional bits, like beads and tiles and tiny creatures that might someday find their way into art that is not mailed. I don't use any of the stuff in the spice rack on handmade cards because it makes it too complicated to mail. I hate going to the post office so I don't want to mail anything that I can't just leave in my mailbox.

I have to agree with that Postmuse. I find paying almost random numbers for post a little disconcerting. I prefer to stick on a stamp and send when I can. That way my brain doesn't make the connection between sending mail and paying for it

Thank you, Mim! I have a feeling your desk doesn't get nearly so messy, or if it does, it doesn't stay that way for days (weeks even!) on end. This art room was a long time coming. I used to have all my stuff in the finished basement, which is wicked dark and has no natural light at all. I'm so glad to have that window in front of my desk now!

Wait a minute! That's my house. Everyone should do a digital card of their "creative area" and send it out. A show your true self mailing. Ha!

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