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And so it begins! {JannaK}

Hi, I'm Jan, aka janna_k or jannak, depending on the website and my mood!  I'm a Canadian mixed media artist and photographer. This year I'm taking a sabattical from photography for hire and concentrating on my own work, as I badly need to recharge!  Right now, photography work feels like absolute drudgery, where it was once a passion, so I think a break is just what I need!

In any event, Mailart 365 fulfils several creative desires and personal challenges. I've struggled the last few years with documenting and posting my work- whenever someone is labeled a "photographer" there is an implication that your photos (even snapshots) must be top notch all the time. Instead of procrastinating on posting/blogging, as is my usual way, I will likely use my iPhone and post exclusively by some mobile means.  I hope that this will alleviate some of the "burden" on documentation and blogging, and the dread that makes me wake up from a dead sleep (for real.)

In terms of artwork, I love how mixed media collage and mail art both unleash some interesting subconscious things and I look forward to seeing if any themes evolve or reoccur. Generally speaking I tend toward bright and bold colours but with a year of consistent daily work on one project who knows!  In my final year of art school (studio practice) my work really changed and evolved so I know how well that working consistently towards one goal (in that particular case, a solo gallery show) can shape someone's style. 

One final note: I dedicate my contribution to Mailart 365 this coming year to my husband, my son and my parents, all of whom are my biggest fans.  Additionally, I also dedicate my mail art endeavours to the memory of Gerry (Gerald) Ferguson. Gerry was an amazing artist, as well as my former professor and mentor.  Without his guidance I wouldn't be half the artist I am today.  Thank you Gerry. 

See you all in the mailbox!


A lovely intro Jan! Your supporters will have a lot to put up with this year, but I'm sure that seeing all your mailart coming to life will be worth it. Thanks for labelling your post. I've now added your 365 link to the sidebar. Now lets get creating!

The link works, so I got directed to your two posts. Welcome to the fun! Something is in the mail to you already, went out today. I have no idea how long it'll take to get to you over there in Winnepeg. Let the anticipation mount!

Welcome! Love the work you have been posting so far, a beautiful introduction.

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