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365.3 #365 by Mim (YAY!)


I thought a lot about how I'd end this project - would I repeat the first one ever, would I repeat the last one of the last project, what would it be, and then I realized that I had a couple of Tiny Town blanks left! Of course - a Tiny Town visit at the end. " Mme Brunau brought Simone to Tiny Town on the last day of the year, to quietly wish the residents a bonne année. The residents responded, 'Merci."

Congratulations Mim and a very apt finale! Hope you will pop back to see us now and again and best of luck with your next project whatever it is.

Congratulations Mim! Bravo!

Congratulations Mim! Your work is always an inspiration. We in Hanoi love Tiny Town and will miss it. I know you will continue your fine work and I look forward to seeing you in the mail again.


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