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Limner Mail Art #23, "The Girlfriend Bling Club"

Limner Mail Art #23, "The Girlfriend Bling Club." An envie for Member #4 of "The Girlfriend Bling Club." I have 4 young pen friends across the country. Of course only one knows how to write now, but still . . . The club members are 3 young girls, so I started a bling club to foster an interest in mail, and I want them to become mail friends, eventually. Hopefully they will draw pictures for each other until then. Their parents can help with the hard parts like addressing envies, but they can affix the postage, right? I loved it when my mom read the "hellos" and "be good and study" comments  relatives addressed to me in their letters. It meant they were thinking of me. It was the beginning of my letter-writing life. 


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