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120 back - Cockroach


I'm finally getting around to sending some of the mailart out that I've made and this one goes out to Ammy in Singapore. In the time I've been sending post, I've made some really good penpals and Ammy is one of those penpals I enjoy corresponding with most. She always writes so well.

This cockroach half was added to 120 (Tekkon), after I read her latest postcard, in which she tells me that of her recent trip to the Philippines. When she arrived she picked up some Prawn tempura, and after swallowing her first bite she noticed it had half a cockroach in it. Surely everyones worst nightmare...

It must be a guy thing, but I felt compelled to draw the other half. Elena tells me this is insensitive. What do you think?


Yeah, Andy. It's a nice drawing - but bugs are a guy thing. Girl just don't like them! So, I have to agree with Elena.

I don't know about bugs being a girl or guy thing but I do know there's something about this drawing that I like.

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