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365: Oldlibraryman #1

This is my first posting to Mailart 365. I was tempted to post previously created envies from my other blog, but I joined this blog to motivate me to create art several times a week. This project seemed like a good way to  accomplish that goal.
From looking at postings of other bloggers on this project, I gather that one may post several envies in a day and skip a few days. The main point seems to be to create 365 envelopes during the calendar year. I hope this is correct, as I often do several letters in a day and then send nothing for a few days.

That was the goal...365 pieces of mailart. Of course it took me almost 2 1/2 years to complete my first 365.. :P Welcome!

Yeah, aim for one a day..:but I think I'm on my third year!!!:)

I aimed for 1 a day...but managed to take nearly 3 years to complete my first one in the end! I guess it's anyones interpretation of the challenge, but I think getting to 365 pieces is a great achievement, however long it takes. I still marvel at the titans of mailart who can do one (or in some cases many many more) a day.

I'm one of the crazy ones that actually did one a day for a year and not just for one year, but I did it two additional years that over-lapped. Why, the latter, cause I thought some people were going to do it with me. The first year, when we had lots of daily Mail Art, it was really supportive. Going it alone is harder, so good luck to you, I wish you the best, do it however you do it - remember Creativity is a Practice Ⓡ (that's the motto of my kids business. )

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