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Still going... slowly #351 - #356

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#351 - mailed a globe, naked mail, to my son
#352 - mailed pajamas in a soda bottle
#353 - mailed bits of Florida to Maryland, in a bottle
#354 - mailed random stuff to a college student, also in a bottle
#355 - mailed a coconut to my son. Lucky him.
#356 - mailed a bottle called "RETREAT in a BOTTLE" to a friend who couldn't attend a weekend retreat. This contains beads, quotes, a rock, some songs, origami crane, tea, cookies, and some crackers. and probably a few other surprises.

I have 9 to go, and tomorrow is a snow day.....

Love your bottles! They put me in mind of my trash bubbles...

The bottle idea is brilliant!

Snow days are good for mailart by the fire

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