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20C - Olympian medley

Kerching! Kerching! Kerching!

The sound of the eBay app when a sale comes through is one of the greatest pleasures of modern life I think and today,  as Elena and I sat reading after lunch we heard the app going. 

No sooner had Elena said "You'd better get the paintbrush out", the sound of another sale came through, then another, then another and another! I had no idea how I was going to draw 5 thank you notes, so I decided to condense all 5 images into one and here we are with a medley of Olympians. It was an olympian feat trying to fit all these onto the page I can tell you!
I'm really enjoying drawing these. I've not really used watercolour before, but have always admired the artists who just splash it on almost with disdain. I particularly like when watercolour bursts through frames. The whole series has been strictly biro, watercolour and collaged heads and so far I've always been pleased with the effect.


This has just got the most beautiful feedback on it on our Postcards from us site. Turns out that the recipient really loved it. Makes it all worthwhile :-)

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