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20b - Jade Jones

Sold another Olympic  stamp set on eBay, this time featuring Jade Jones, Taekwondo gold medallist. As usual, I hand-illustrated a thank you note of the stamp and enclosed it  in the envelope, hence why I don't give it a number of it's own.

I'm really pleased with the way that this sub-series is shaping up. I like mixing up the media and the general effect of the pieces. I have to admit though, the best bit is getting surprised feedback from eBay customers, who weren't expecting illustrated notes or envelopes. Sending to mailartists is all fine and stuff, but when you get feedback like
Great seller - stamps perfect & included very sweet little note with order! A+++
Absolutely first class seller, brilliant packaging and thank you card. Loved it
It makes sending to total strangers that little bit more rewarding :-)

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