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033 - To David Bramwell (again..)

This is going to David Bramwell, the creative powerhouse behind the Catalyst Club in Brighton. We sent it once already from Vietnam and the postal service kindly delivered it back to our house the next morning. Well at least it was fast. I had to re-ink the envelope over the stamps but I really like the effect. It looks like a window into another world. Lets hope that the Thai postal service figure this one out

Really like the design here.Quite a deluge of stuff

(Continued - that comment box wouldn't let me type anything else) ... Quite a deluge of stuff from you suddenly which is great to see.and as usual a

Glad I finally got around to sending this. How long has it been since we went to Brighton for this? It's definitely at least a year overdue!

Summer before last? It was a great evening! btw the way, strangely, the local hairdressers that has quite a hippy, creative vibe, is running informal art 'classes' - just been telliing them all about mailart. Also, has a soundproof room for piano and drum lessons, so not a very conventional hairdressers - think you'd like it!

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