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Days 80-90 (March 21 to March 31, 2014) catch-up {JannaK}

Forgive the large amount of images today. It was either do one mass post from the time I was offline (strep throat, awesome, on the heels of the flu. March was not my month). Anyway, without further ado...

Day 80:

Day 81: 

Day 82:  

Day 83:

Day 84: 

(Read the note... I wonder what she was owed?!)

Day 85:

Day 86:

Day 87:

Day 88:

Day 89: 

Day 90:

Phew!  Well that's it. Still have a few days to catch up on from being sick and then I'm hoping I can get back to more regular posts. :)


Wow. Welcome back! Love this gallery!

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