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Mailart 365.2 #12 - The Promise

This session of 365 I want to take a few more chances and draw a few pieces by artists I "don't think I can do". The first of these artists is the manga artist Goseki Kojima, whose work with the writer Kazuo Koike on the seminal "Lone Wolf and Cub" is one of my favourite stories ever.  His artwork is so precise, so perfect and so filled with emotion that I never even dared to try and draw his work.  But with 365 pieces to make, it makes sense to try things that may not be exactly perfect, so here's my first attempt at a Goseki Kojima piece.  This scene comes from the final battle field, where we see Daigoro, the cub standing on the battefield with his fathers sword and in the ground alongside that of his archnemesis. The swords in the ground are a warriors promise that the battle would resume. Only one warrior would walk away.  The final battle scene is I think the longest in comics history and is exquisitely crafted, both by the writer and the artist. Every frame is electric. I hope that I've managed to capture even a tiny bit of the essence of Goseki Kojima's exquisite brushwork

A great piece!!! 365 is the perfect place to take a risk and try something new for you. Keep drawing...

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