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Mailart 365.2 #6 - Seahorse

In the past 2 months I've been running a meetup group in Hanoi called Hanoi in English. We meet up at least once a week to talk English and discover Hanoi and it's open to anyone who want to talk English, from learners of English to foreigners who just want to hear English again in Hanoi. At one of the meetups, we were introducing ourselves and I misheard one guy when he introduced himself. He was trying to explain that his name was something to do with the colour of the sea, but I thought he said his name was "Seahorse". "So your name is Seahorse you say?" I said. "Erm, no, but if you want to call me Seahorse, then go ahead" he said, and since then the name has stuck. Seahorse is a great guy, an intelligent, funny and really friendly and we see him almost every week these days. He always introduces himself as Seahorse and it always gets the conversation going! Since he started using the name Seahorse, we have all learnt lots about Seahorses. Most interestingly, did you know that seahorse males carry the baby? So this one is going to my new Hanoian friend Seahorse. I couldn't resist.

Great story and really striking image!

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