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Mailart 365.2 #1 - Painter


When I started Mailart 365 in December 2010, I went headlong into the project and made over 100 pieces daily, but then I got married, went on a honeymoon and came back and let myself get a little sidetracked. I completed the project in over 2 and a half years and it felt amazing to get to 365.

Now, having seen artists come and go, and having seen Mim hit 365 3 times and Katerina hit 1001, I have decided that 2014 is the year for me.

This year I'm going to do 365 in 365.

Wish me luck!

This first piece was started in Dublin, and based on a postcard I found in a toilet in a pub. I lost the original postcard, but only after having drawn the basics in pencil. I added the quote, then let the pencil drawing languish in our studio for about 3 years, taking it back to London then over to Hanoi with us.

Today, with a new zeal, I completed the piece, and feel great that I've finally finished something as I've had a bit of a creative block recently.

I'm looking forward to a year of creating...

Glad you've taken up the torch again! It always feels so good to wrap up those pieces started and then neglected for a long time. :)

Thanks Jan, I'm really looking forward to it. I have had a massive block recently and I think that forcing myself to make a piece a day is going to be really healthy, not to mention fun! Honestly, I'm so relieved to see this bit completed. Every time I looked at the pencils I laid down in Dublin, I just froze. Tonight, I just grabbed a pen and slammed on with it. I figured that if I had to complete it by midnight then it just had to be done. I was pretty pleased with the result.

Welcome back - 365 in 365 days? Who'd have thought it!!! That daily thing is key to it. Drives me crazy and at the same time is exactly the challenge that's needed. Really good luck and great to have your company on here again. See you tomorrow!

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