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Day 9- Level Up! {JannaK}


Tomorrow is the birthday of "my" post office lady... She insists that I bring my mail art to her because she loves it so much. It's a nice change and has helped keep me going because a couple of the other post office employees were so cranky and mean to me that I refused to drop off the mail for the longest time!  I volun-told my husband to complete the task!  ;)

Anyway, I didn't want to make a typical birthday card so went with a Super Mario inspired level-up theme instead.  She's really great and a lovely person and I hope she has a great birthday. 

This is adorable. I'm sure she loved receiving it. Once I mailed a postcard of thanks to my mail carrier by using his name and my address. That day, a substitute sorted and delivered so Clyde's mail came to me. The next day, I taped it to my front door with a sticky note - Clyde, for you! ha ha ha. He's delivered and picked up from my mail box soo much Mail Art.

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