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Day 5- the other side of the coin {JannaK}


This one is meant to make you think, even the stamps. 

From an aesthetic standpoint I really like how it turned out!


What a gem! The most obvious thought I had was 'Monet'. Does the shoe on the butterfly maybe symbolise something being destroyed, perhaps? The 'invasion' of Canada by the French and the Indigenous people might be construed by the images on the stamps. !!!! Maybe I'm just trying too hard! It's lovely Janna!

Ahhh the mailart 365 coincidence is beginning again! At the start of the project in 2010, when there were 20 of us all making mailart at once, there were days when one single theme would occur spontaneously. Nobody would coordinate it, but before you knew it the whole page filled with one thing. And today it's butterflies. yay!

Hmm - love the image and the colours.. Woman on one side of the 'coin' and men on the other?

Rose and stripy goose you are both correct... Who knows, there may even be more levels of meaning but those jumped out at me as I worked on it and afterwards (especially as I added the stamps!)

Andy, that's so bizarre! It's not unlike thinking of a friend half way around the globe and voila, they email or phone you a minute later!

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