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Day 3- Superdrunk! {JannaK}



Despite the name, I was very much sober when this piece was created. I was reflecting on New Year's Eve, and the whole idea of starting the new year hungover, which has never seemed like the best start of a year to me!  (Which is not to say I have been immune to said fate in the past!) Anyway, this is what came from it.

As an aside, I'm posting what *I* consider to be a crappy photo, of the front. The sun had set so I had to use artificial light, but the surface is shiny and thus it's not the best image... with glare and uneven exposure. But I'm posting it anyway! ;). Baby steps!  

I hate taking photos in crappy light, but by the time I complete my pieces it's usually about 11:55PM and it's a rush to get them up online! Every day, Elena and I promise ourselves we'll start earlier!

Personally I really like this piece. It's fun, it's slightly hungover and it's got a Superman stamp too! What more could you want!

Thanks!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one with late night photo problems.

The Superman came from a stamp booklet cover- Canada released a wonderful Superman series last year and it's been fun using them in a variety of ways!

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