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1/365 - Background

I want to learn to watercolour. I have been trying to do so for the last 3 months but I keep dropping out. So I decided to commit myself to making one watercolour a day, this way I have to keep going until I get better at it.


I keep wanting to take a watercolor class but I keep putting it off....

Hurray hurray! Elena is back! (OK I knew this as she is my wife, but I'm so pleased to see her back!) I can't wait to see how you progress :-) I'm going to be cheering you along all the way!

Three cheers from me too! Wonderful to have your company here and the thought of seeing a watercolour a day is delightful. Good luck! I think having a theme is quite enabling and motivating, even though (or maybe because?) it is also a sort of limitation. See you tomorrow!

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What a good idea, Elena. Me, too, I struggle with watercolour but you're so right, doing it daily you'll perfect your technique. Glad to see you here, also.

Great idea! I love watercolours but only because I spurn the "proper" way to do it and I just have fun. I'm too impatient so I salute those who are! If you get bored with regular watercolours during the year, Luminarte Twinkling H2Os are a lot of fun (provided you don't mind a bit of bling/shine) :)

Hey Elena - only deleted the comment because it appeared twice by mistake!

I can't believe that Mim struggles with anything :-)

Thank you all for your cheers, it's good to be back. Watercolour is much harder than I thought but I believe I will get better after 365 pieces.

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