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023 - Year of the Horse

It is Tết (Vietnamese New Year) here in Hanoi and this year this marks the start of the year of the horse. I went into horse drawing mode today and here's the first. I found this piece really hard as the sleek lines of the horses legs are quite hard to get right. I went through lots of points where I thought "GAH! HORRIBLE!", but I had to silence the internal critic long enough to complete it. It was only when I added the dust lines that I can say I was really happy with it.

Love this one! The line of continual text/hoove sounds and the dust really make it!!!

It's a striking one that works really well. Glad you stuck at it.

Thanks both. I was really surprised with how difficult horse legs are to draw. So knobbly and in all the places you least expect! I have a new appreciation for the talent of horse artists

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