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018 - Bulbul

I'd never seen these birds until I got to Hanoi. They sing beautifully and they are so sociable. Elena and I love watching them as the sun goes down. They will go around in pairs and they look so affectionate with each other. In between dive-bombing, they will cuddle up and nuzzle each other. It's really cute.

The style was hugely influenced by Stripygoose.

Elena and I get really sad when we see these in cages, so for my birthday this Saturday I'm going to buy some and set them free.

Smashing - I love this. And that top-of-the-head tuft is really stylish! I'll think of those birds on Saturday.

I didn't manage to get any on my birthday, but a friend invited me over to his place on Saturday and we released nearly 200 birds. His parents are Buddhists and believe that setting animals free is good karma. It was nice to see them fly away

200 birds - that must have been a beautiful sight. Good karma indeed.

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