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95/365.2 bird takes a step back

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I used to find chickens rather amusing, especially the type that just walks around on the streets here in Vietnam. However, Elena and I were recently on a motorbike trip in Ha Giang and it was raining. The rain made the muddy roads absolutely treacherous, and as we drove along a small chicken ran out in front of our motorbike across the road.

As I swerved to avoid the cute little animal, our motorbike slipped and we both ended up on the floor. Luckily there was no large vehicles behind or ahead of us and we managed to get up and walk away. The chicken was also unharmed.

These days I find chickens far less funny.

I started reading that story with a sinking heart, fearing the worst for the chicken - and you two of course - so I am happy it didn't have the ending I dreaded. Chickens and birds generally and also probably people can be rather skittish, unpredictable creatures and cause unintentional havoc. I'm glad all was well.

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