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365.3 #345 by Mim (Oh, No, I forgot to post this on the 11th of Dec.)


I went to my name on the right side bar to see what was missing and what I had to tag. When I post using my phone, I can't tag so I have to come back here to do it later. WELL, I discovered that I missed posting this piece of Mail Art! Fortunately, it was in my 365 file on my desktop. So now I'm up to date on my tags. yay. Only 13 more days to go!

I love that I can see how many days of the year have gone by according to your 365 numbering

What a fabulous contribution you've made Mim. I'm so glad that this project has given you so much and you've given so much too. You'll be missed!

Thanks, Andy, for starting this project. And thanks for the compliment.

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