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365.3 #311 by Mim


I challenge myself to see how I can change the narrative with the addition of just one thing. Then I can make up a little story - for instance "Annie and Muffin played for hours by the giant flowers knowing that they'd be called when it was time for dinner." Got another story for this one? I'll take any help you can give.

"OK puss cat. If we keep very, very still, then maybe those scary, gigantic flowers will disappear just as mysteriously as they appeared."

Oh perfect, I like that story better than mine. Thanks.

btw love the idea of changing the narrative that way - does all mailart/art have some kind of story?

I think yes. Human nature wanting to give meaning to almost everything. Even my minimal collages of two and three pieces can evoke a story. And yet back in the day when I made big abstract expressionist paintings I'd have said there was no narrative.

"Perhaps if I tend to my cat the way that I have tended my flowers she will also one day grow to be the size of a tiger"

From a barren landscape, flowers. All because a child cuddled a cat.

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