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443 - Elena in the park

No it's not mistakenly upside down, I uploaded it this way as it's the way I drew it.

When I started to draw my first pieces at the start of 365, Mim mentioned that I should try drawing upside down. Not drawing standing on my head you silly billy. Turning the thing I'm drawing upside down. This way, my brain wouldn't analyse everything and I'd just draw what I saw.

Elena was on my lap in the park one day, and appeared upside down to me. I've always had trouble drawing Elena as my brain always fills in the details. So I drew her upside down and was quite pleased with the result. When I showed her it upside down, she was pretty happy with it too.

But when we turned it the right way up we were both not that happy with it.

So I've uploaded it upside down so nobody undergoes the same disappointment that we did.

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