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437 - Wedding Sharpies!

One of my Sharpie customers wanted to have a pack of Sharpies to let guests at his wedding sign the guestbook. So I made sure to illustrate the envelope accordingly :-)

Kinda. I have been selling Sharpies for about 3 years. The story is that I noticed that a shop had a sale on and were selling them less than half price, so I decided to buy 20 packs and try my luck.

After selling 3 packs almost immediately, I asked my wife if I could buy a few more. She amazingly said yes and I went and bought a few more. Well. 300 packs more.

I then spent every spare moment of the next 2 years trying to shift them all!

Some time 2 years ago I decided to illustrate all the envelopes as part of my 365, so now the "profit" pretty much just offsets the price of postage and labour. It's all fun and games! :-)

Super neat, for sure.

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