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435 - Ridgeway

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Another illustration from Green River Killer. I just loved his linework, it really suited where I am at artistically

This entire recent series is terrific.

Thanks Mim. I loved the artwork by this guy and the book was really affecting. I'm so much more confident an artist these days and it's really down to 365

Noah, was correct in writing that a 365 project will change one's life. When I finished my first 365 and he asked me how it changed my life - at first I wanted to laugh - oh that's silly, then I realized that it had changed things for me. Before 365, I was in my studio sporadically. Now I'm there every day, making something, and I feel more authentic about myself as an artist, not just a teacher of art. (actually, I don't teach art, I decided. I teach creative problem solving using different mediums - like Mail Art! You are definitely evolving. Yay, Andy. I'm so happy for you.

And thanks for getting the idea for Mailart 365 and including me in it

I like this a lot. Also very excited for this project. With three kids and a full time job I need something to force me to be creative.

Thanks Rachel. Hope that 365 brings out that creative drive! can't wait to see what you create

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