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Mail Art 365-365

Mail Art 365-365 by Miss Thundercat
Mail Art 365-365, a photo by Miss Thundercat on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
sent to Tofu in USA
My last series of the 365 mail art project. I ended with another Junk Collage series using table top scrap pieces of things I have previously used in my mail art.


WOOHOOO! *fireworks*

Well done on completion Miss Thundercat. I've really enjoyed your journey and hope you'll stay around. It's been great watching your artworks for the last year or so

Congrats on finishing!!!! And what a beautiful piece of mail art to finish with! Will you continue for another round of 365?

OMG you did 365! Great, brava, terrific! Exciting! Another Woo Hoo from me, and fireworks on this side of the Atlantic.

Andy, thanks for all the support along the way and the encouragement to start off :) I'll definitely stay around :)
Laura, thank you so much! I'll not do another round, but i have a few pages in my undated daily planner i can still fill up so i'll be counting on and send 'bonus numbers' through out the rest of the year ;)
Thanks very much Mim :)

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