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#MA.9 - Big Skies

#2.205 - More Skies
#2.204 - back
sent from: El Barco de Avila, Spain. destination: St Germain-en-Laye, France
Since we arrived in Spain last week I've spent most of the time looking up, up, up. The skies feel big. Montana big. Old West big. Vast across the plains and rolling hills big.
The clouds stack on top of each other like floating cities, and drift. I was trying to capture some of the detail, and the result is, if I may say so, not too bad.
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Ah, espana y francia, que bueno, C'est bien. I'm envious. Checked out your page.

Thanks mim! Will be back to 'reality' soon. London aint so bad, tho.

The textures on your clouds are wonderful Juan-Luis

Thank you Laura and Andy!

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