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365 - I've made it!

365. A number that seems to take forever to reach, but when it does get here it sure creeps up on you I can tell you. Once the daily making becomes part of your routine you don't notice the numbers ticking upwards.

For me, I felt there was only one thing I could possibly make for #365 and it was the logo. I made the logo in the early days and even drew it by hand once early on. It took me ages.

What I wanted to know was, with all this practice, would it be any easier now? So I decided to just go at it with a brush pen. I was done in 5 minutes. It was such a relief to know that, after doing so much mailart, I can create effortlessly and without that inner devil on my shoulder telling me that it wasn't good enough. Of course, art can always get better, but I guess that what the 365 has taught me is that if this piece isn't quite perfect, there's always tomorrow

So it's over for me then. What now? I guess the crux of it is that once you embark on a 365 and reach the number 365, you realise that that's not the aim. You realise somewhere along the journey that you have taken on the essence of what you aim to create. In this case, I became a maker of mailart. A mailartist. I can now create mailart without effort as part of my life. I don't aim to reach a destination any more. Mailart itself is the aim.

i want to thank everyone who has supported me along the way, especially all the folk who signed up at the start in December 2010 and who are still here. You know who you are!

Most of all though, I want to thank my wife, who has been tireless in her support of me throughout. Elena this piece would never have been made without your support and I love you more than I could ever draw. You can have me back now...



What a fitting pice for this awesome number - you made the art, made mailart 365 and made it to the end of the challenge, though as you say ( in philosophical mode) it is less about the challenge and more about the process. Congratulations for this triumph anyway, because to get to 365 is surely that - and big time : > >)

Parabéns, Andy, pela vitoria sobre o desafio e pelo processo não menso vitorioso...Quero ser como você, quando crescer...Abraço!!!

Thanks Ana and Stripygoose. And Ana don't rush to grow up it's overrated :-)

OK folks, following on from the tradition set by Rebecca I want to pass on the Mailart365 rubber stamp that adorns this piece.

If you are taking part in MA365 and want it, just drop a line in on the forum or email me and I'll pick the name of the lucky winner out of a hat at the end of next week!

HUzzar! Yeah! Whoo hoo! Now come to Suffolk... once it thaws. Cold weather approaching. Perfect time to make mail art! Thank you AGAIN for all you inspiration. Yeah Elena.

Suffolk is on the (post)cards for this year I promise you Rebecca. Got any dates in mind?

Oh Andy!! Congrats hugely!!! So exciting. It's a great feeling isn't it? I'm so glad I decided to check in today for my first time in ages. You're the best!! You started such an important thing here that has meant so much to so many. I'm pleased that you get to sit back and relax a bit now and feel proud!!

Thanks so much JJ! It's a wonderful feeling and even more so to have others know exactly how it feels. What a great pleasure to have had such wonderful people like you to share the whole thing with. I am taking it easy these days but have developed a numbering habit for my mailart so want to see where that takes me. 365 was a very proud moment

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