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#102/365 Divergent

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30 August 2011 Quick and Easy PC: Summer Reads swap. I had to choose a book I've read this summer that was my "favorite" and tell my partner what it was and why. Well since June 21 until today, I have read 24 books and have several that I enjoyed. This book was a fast 4 hour read from 10pm on a Friday night until 2:00am on Saturday morning. I didn't want to wait to find out what happened next long enough to go to sleep. There are 5 factions in the "dystopian" society and you must choose which one to live in permanently at the age of 16. You are given an evaluation to see which one you are most compatible with but can choose any of them. The main character Beatrice is considered a "divergent" because she tested compatible with 3 factions. She is told by a sympathetic test administrator that divergents are dangerous to the society and she must not reveal her result to anyone.

The drawing behind the diverge definition is my poor attempt at the book cover art which to me looks like a flaming eye and is the symbol for the dauntless faction. Many of the dauntless get tattoos of different things including this symbol.

cool. what's the book title?

The title is "Divergent" by Veronica Roth. It is a "young adult" book.

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