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4 / Princess wishes

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Today I was going trough my magazines and catalogs pile, when my eyes caught old gems and beads catalog. I taught that I need to make postcard from pink and blue, transparent beads. I started cutting beads (it took me a half hour!) and put a collage. I get a coffee break and I found old fashion journal. I skim it and found old Luella collection model which perfectly fits to my collage! Before putting this model legs I put pink flowers background (from old catalog cover). 

The last touch was violet word "Wishes". It look like really cute and perfectly fits to my collage! 

Now I need to found a princess which would like to get this postcard...

I like it! Silw are you listed as a 365 member or our member page? I can't find you or your address anywhere and I'd like to send you something. It can get confusing because most of us use more than one name. Have been enjoying what you have posted so far! Laura P

Hello Laura,
I'm listed on "Our 365s" and today I joined IUOMA, there I add my address. My nickname is same as here - Silw. Thank you for your reminder!
Hope you enjoy my mail art!

Great will look for you!

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