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Winnie's Girl 64-67


4 pieces made at the same time, going out as replies LONG overdue - so sorry guys.
I put them in envelopes because at the time I was feeling like my life was barely taped together, and you can't tell from the pictures, but I made the collage in a way that reflects that- so they needed envelopes to keep them together. 
I really like how in the envelope going out to "I'm a superhero", the bird in the stamp looks like it has a nest of glass.

Cool. I am going to try this. It kind of expands my brain to think about making a bigger piece, then cutting it into four pieces. Hmmm.

And my bird's going to kick some podob ass!

I love these all, especially the strawberry one!
great work!

Super envelopes and don't worry. Sometimes I WISH for some tape to hold my life together!

I received the coloring book envelope, loved it! My favorite gift as a kid was coloring books and crayons. Thank you and welcome back!

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