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#19 L-plate Where are they now?


Mailart, originally uploaded by L-plate big cheese.
This postcard was printed at the end of the 1960s. Over forty years have passed since then and as I walk around this little resort town, I begin to wonder where the stars of this postcard find themselves now. Those kids must be at least 45 years old now. Did they continue through life dressed in the traditional outfits worn by local fishermen and their fishwives, or did they get clever and try to make a living off tourism which is now the biggest earner for the town? It’s reckoned around 0.5 - 1% of Nazare’s population can be categorised as “rich” - they’re the ones in possession of assets and employing some of the poorer locals. Are any of the pescadores (fishermen) in the top-right picture still alive? Is the boat in the bottom-left still in service or broken in pieces which have been thrown out of the ocean somewhere? Life by the Atlantic coast here is still a dangerous activity, despite the water being so bright and inviting...

Remember the faces behind the next tin of tuna you delve into.

Nazare - a poor fishing port until the 1930s and beyond that a thriving resort destination - is surely a town with interesting statistics.

Great questions, history lesson and card! Love it.

LOve the look on the little girls face

Where are YOU now I wonder? I know you have it in you to complete 365. Why not finish yours in 2014. I'm doing another one - come join me!

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